Our Approach

Alumina Limited has filled a support role to Alcoa in managing AWAC to achieve best practice in environment, safety, community and financial performance through strong, collaborative and informed governance.

This has been achieved through:
  • reviewing and discussing AWAC’s long-term sustainability strategies and objectives with managing partner Alcoa
  • supporting the sustainability policies and practices that Alcoa implement in AWAC to ensure sustainable operations
  • working towards meeting international best practiced in sustainability reporting.

Alumina Limited has a non-operating role in a joint venture (AWAC) in partnership with Alcoa, AWAC’s manager/operator with operational control.

As a resource-intensive extractives business, sustainability is critical to how AWAC operates. It is the cornerstone of the safety and wellbeing of our workforce, and the resilience and prosperity of our local communities and natural environment.

We recognise the influence we have through our governance and joint venture agreements. Investors, and society more broadly, have increasing expectations of AWAC to understand and manage our sustainability risks and opportunities, and to transparently communicate these.

For more information refer to the 2021 Sustainability Update.

Our people

AWAC employees approximately 6,100 (2021) people across its global operating facilities. Over 90 per cent of AWAC’s workforce is engaged in the mining and refining of bauxite into alumina.

The safety and wellbeing of employees and contractors at work is a fundamental human entitlement as is the right to collectively bargain and freely associate.  AWAC, through its operator/manager Alcoa, works to strengthen a culture that promotes health and safety as the priority concern in all work activity.

We also prioritise and support:

  • employee diversity in our operations
  • individual dignity
  • respecting people’s rights and treating people fairly
  • providing opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and expertise respecting labour rights worldwide.

This commitment is reflected in our human resource policies.

For more information on Health and safety and Employees and Community, please refer to Alumina Limited’s 2021 Sustainability Update.

Climate change and Net Zero
Climate change was identified as a material issue for our business and our stakeholders.

The world is working to combat climate change. Net zero commitments and action are now an expectation of our stakeholders as we transition to a zero carbon economy.


AWAC’s assets exist in communities that provide and sustain its right to operate. Alumina Limited and AWAC understand the responsibility entrusted to safeguard the community in which we conduct business.

The business strives to make a positive social impact through community employment opportunities, providing safe and healthy workplaces, income generation and payment of taxes into the region and contribute to improved quality of living in the local communities through community related infrastructure and supported programs. The economic and social impact of AWAC’s business extends to include suppliers, contractors, local and regional governments and non-governmental organisations.

AWAC’s uses both formal and informal communication channels to connect with the various stakeholders. This direct communication enables an understanding of matters of importance to stakeholders and creates an opportunity for the business to consider options and respond to those matters.

For more information, read the Company’s latest Sustainability Update.