Alumina Limited

Alumina Limited’s suite of policies commits the organisation to sound corporate, environmental and social governance.

These policies have been developed to meet the needs of our organisation and the environment in which we operate. Where appropriate, these policies align with Alcoa’s to ensure effective partnership in governing the AWAC joint venture.

Alumina Limited’s Sustainability Policy

For both the AWAC partnership, managed by Alcoa, and in Alumina’s business dealings, our ambition is to:

  • achieve an injury-free work environment and promote the health of our employees and of the communities in which we operate
  • apply high ethical business standards and best practice principles and methods
  • mitigate risks and regularly update business practices to enhance AWAC’s impact on the environment, its employees and for the communities where it operates
  • ensure AWAC’s efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • respect the rights and values of the communities where AWAC operates, and strive to achieve challenging targets in social and environmental improvements
  • meet or exceed AWAC’s emissions and pollution regulation standards, through continuous improvements in technology and operating practices
  • ensure that rehabilitation programs for AWAC’s mining operations are managed to re-establish the botanical richness and mix of plant species occurring naturally in the local areas
  • provide open, timely and clear reporting on our performance against goals and targets
  • engage openly with stakeholders.

Other related policies include: