Alumina Limited

Board Skills Matrix

Alumina is a small-sized board and one in which directors play an active part in shaping Alumina's strategic options, relationships with Alcoa and other industry players as well as share of workload of the board.

With a small but experienced management team, Alumina's directors need to be prepared to contribute their skills and expertise yet provide boundaries for management.

As a small-sized board, directors are sought with functional skills (e.g. operations, finance, legal) and international experience from the alumina industry or from other relevant backgrounds (e.g. other mining and resources, oil and gas/energy, other asset intensive sectors). In order to effectively discharge its duties, it is necessary that collectively the Directors hold the appropriate balance of skills and experience. The Board seeks a complementary diversity of skills and experience across its members, recognising the complex and varied issues facing a minority partner and its interest in a large scale, global and capital intensive business. The Nomination Committee utilises a Skills Matrix to determine whether the appropriate mix of skills and experience exists among the Board and Committee members and to identify key attributes required for future candidates.

The Board’s current Skills Matrix includes the following attributes:

Board skills and experience No. of Directors
Established management and leadership skills

Maintained a successful business career at a very senior level exercising influence over staff at varying levels of seniority

Knowledge and experience in applicable industry and market

Practical and extensive knowledge of working in or advising the natural resources, capital intensive sector

International experience

Held senior management or equivalent roles in overseas locations or worked for an Australian based organisation with major export or international business or been exposed to a range of political, cultural, regulatory and business environments

Environment, Health and Safety and Sustainability

Experience and knowledge of working on environment, health and safety and sustainability activities directly or as part of operational responsibility


High level experience gained from working in major corporate environments that operate under exacting governance regimes


Proven record of developing and implementing a successful strategy, including appropriately probing and challenging management on the delivery of agreed strategic planning objectives

Financial expertise

Wide-ranging financial skills, experience and knowledge in senior management roles including oversight for risk management and internal control

Capital projects

Experience working in an industry with large-scale capital projects requiring long-term investment

Joint Ventures

Practical knowledge of working with or advising large scale joint ventures

Technical Skills

Experience in the operations of mining and metals processing facilities.


Mergers, acquisitions and divestments

Experience in, or providing advice on, the consolidation of companies or assets