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Shareholder Communication Strategy

Alumina Limited Shareholder Communication Arrangements

At a minimum, the aim of Alumina Limited's communication arrangements is to provide shareholders with timely, clear and material information about their Company and enable them to exercise their rights as shareholders in an informed manner. Alumina Limited also recognises that people, other than shareholders, may have an interest in information about the Company.

Electronic Communication

The Alumina Limited website ( is an important part of the Company's communication arrangements. Alumina Limited includes on its website a range of information relevant to shareholders and others concerning the Company. In the section marked "Media", Alumina Limited makes available:

  • copies of all announcements given to the ASX;
  • copies of investor presentations made to analysts;
  • copies of annual and half year financial reports; and
  • audio visual webcasts of annual general meetings, including the Chairman and CEO addresses.

The Alumina Limited website also contains details of notices of shareholder meetings.

The Alumina Limited website provides shareholders, and other people interested in the Company, the opportunity to register to receive, by e-mail, the latest Alumina Limited reports and news.

Subscribers to the website and shareholders who have elected email communication, rather than hard copy mailed information, will receive email notification.

Information for General Meetings

In preparing notices of meeting and related explanatory information, Alumina Limited aims to provide:

  • details of the business to be considered by shareholders
  • all information that is relevant to shareholders in making a decision on the matter to be voted on by shareholders
  • details of the location, time and date of the meeting
  • the AGM which is normally held in April provides an updated on the Company's performance
  • the AGM is webcast live and the Chairman and CEO's addresses are published on the Company's website and are mailed on request to shareholders

Other Information

In certain circumstances, Alumina Limited will ensure that shareholders can obtain additional information where shareholders may have particular questions on specific matters, such as small shareholders' sale facilities or significant proposals to be voted on by shareholders. This will usually involve Alumina Limited making available telephone help lines and e-mail services for frequently asked questions, to ensure that shareholders can obtain all relevant information to assist them in exercising their rights as owners of Alumina Limited.

Continuous Disclosure

Alumina Limited has adopted a disclosure policy to ensure that it discloses relevant information to shareholders and the market in a timely and full manner. Such disclosures are made via announcements to the stock exchange on which the Alumina Limited shares are listed.

For a fuller description of Alumina Limited Continuous Disclosure Policy please refer to the Policies section of the Governance page of the Company's website.