Alumina Limited

Product contribution & quality

Aluminium is a core component to many global industries and alumina, which is refined from bauxite ore, is the feedstock that makes aluminium metal.  

The production of aluminium is an energy intensive process however, it is a material that has light weighting properties that contributes to more fuel-efficient transportation, energy efficient buildings and packaging. It is durable and conductive for engineering applications and is infinitely recyclable reducing energy and resource consumption compared to its original manufacture. These properties make aluminium fundamentally sustainable and appropriate to meeting the challenges of future generations facing increasing resource scarcity, urbanisation and climate change. Aluminium is set to play a key role in the transition to electric vehicles.

AWAC is one of the world’s leading bauxite producers and leading producer of alumina. AWAC concentrates on responsible mining of bauxite that helps reduce supply chain risk for any down-stream user. The sustainability of mining operations commences with the development of a rehabilitation plans in consultation with stakeholders, before mining begins. For more detailed information on mining and rehabilitation practices see the section on Land Management and Biodiversity.