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Dividend History

Overview of all historical dividend payments made to Alumina Limited shareholders since 2002 demerger and WMC Limited shareholders prior to that time.

Post demerger dividend history

Payment date Type Payment amount $A A cents Franking tax rate % Franked amount DRP price per share A$
15 September 2022 Interim US$0.042 6.1158 30 Full DRP Suspended
17 March 2022 Final US$0.028 3.900 30 Full DRP Suspended
15 September 2021 Interim US$0.034 4.6303 30 Full DRP Suspended
16 March 2021 Final US$0.029 3.7575 30 Full DRP Suspended
25 September 2020 Interim US$0.028 3.7943 30 Full $1.30
17 March 2020 Final US$0.036 5.5568 30 Full DRP Suspended

To view previous dividend history ranging back to 2003 please download the following file.

Pre demerger dividend history*

* The following information represents dividends paid to shareholders of WMC Limited’s pre-demerger businesses, which include results from its then alumina, copper-uranium, nickel and fertilizer operations.

See history by downloading the following document.