Alumina Limited

Impoundments Inventory

In April 2019 Alumina Limited and Alcoa were two of nearly 700 mining firms worldwide to receive a request from the Church of England Pensions Board and the Council on Ethics Swedish National Pensions Funds requesting specific disclosures on tailings facilities. In response to this request Alcoa provided on their website details of tailings facilities, including non-operated sites. A link to the information can be found here.

The Alcoa response covers all AWAC operations plus operations which are not part of the AWAC portfolio. Alumina Limited has no interest in the assets which are not part of the AWAC portfolio. Listed below are the operations included in the Alcoa spreadsheet which are NOT part of the AWAC portfolio:


Brazil Pocos
USA Bauxite, AR (Alcoa)
USA Bauxite, AR (Reynolds)
USA Listerhill, AL
USA Sherwin Copano