Alumina Limited

Policies & standards

External Auditor Selection And Rotation Policy

Selection and appointment of external auditors

The Audit Committee manages the selection and appointment of Alumina’s external auditor. The process involves:


The Audit Committee assesses proposals received from prospective external auditors against key audit criteria established by the Committee. Those criteria include audit approach and methodology, internal governance processes, key personnel and cost.


The Audit Committee can appoint the External Auditor to fill a vacancy created by the resignation or retirement of an existing auditor. The appointment of the external auditor, as per the Corporations Act 2001, is subject to confirmation by shareholders at the Company's next Annual General Meeting.

Rotation of external audit engagement partners

Alumina requires that the lead partner involved in the external audit should not remain in a key audit role beyond 5 years and cannot be re-engaged to play a significant role in the audit of the company for at least another two successive years. This is consistent with current professional standards.