Alumina Limited

Employees & Community

Alumina recognises that genuine community engagement and relationship building is essential to AWAC’s future business success.    

The AWAC joint venture receives its licence to operate as well as its license to grow, from local communities, their representatives and the broader society. 

It is also the source of one of AWAC’s most important stakeholders – its 5,107 employees who run operations worldwide. Finding, employing, developing and retaining skilled people is crucial to AWAC’s future competitiveness and success.

The safety and wellbeing of employees at work is a fundamental human entitlement as is the right to collectively bargain and freely associate.  Alcoa works to strengthen a culture that promotes safety as the priority concern in all work activity and supports employee dignity and labour rights worldwide.    

We recognise that not all impacts from AWAC’s activities are positive, which strengthens the importance of sustainability governance.   

No significant non-compliances or fines on human rights or labour grounds arising from either Alumina Limited’s activities or through AWAC’s worldwide operations were recorded in 2017.


Approximately 75 per cent of AWAC employees are based at AWAC's Australian operations.  

Most of AWAC’s employees are covered by enterprise bargaining agreements. Alumina Limited and Alcoa both support the rights of employees to collectively bargain and freely associate.

In Australia, approximately 66 percent of employees are covered by enterprise bargaining agreements. 

In Brazil, there are eight standalone labour agreements that cover 100 per cent of AWAC’s union-represented workforce. Typically, these are renegotiated on an annual basis. 


AWAC Workforce

AWAC Operations  20132014201520162017
Alumina & bauxite 6,841 6,289 6,128 4,866 4,834
Smelting 876 403 301 274 266
Chemicals & steamship 10 7 9 6 7
Total 7,727 6,699 6,438 5,146 5,107

Alumina Limited’s Employees

In 2017, Alumina Limited had a small professional management team of 11 members to manage our interest in the AWAC joint venture.  While all employees have individually negotiated contracts, they have the right to freely associate and collectively bargain in line with our Human Rights policy.