Alumina Limited

Policies & standards

Diversity Policy

1. Overview

This document outlines Alumina Limited's policy on Diversity.

This policy applies to all Alumina employees, including contractors and consultants acting on the company's behalf and includes the recruitment and selection process, terms and conditions of employment including pay, promotion, work assignment, training and any other aspect of employment.

2. Goal

It is our goal to contribute positively to the success of the Company by promoting a high performance culture that draws on the diverse and relevant experience, skills, expertise, perspectives and the unique personal attributes of its board members and employees.

We are committed to managing diversity as an employer and a prospective employer by reflecting our company values of respect, integrity, honesty and personal commitment in maintaining and valuing the differences a diverse workforce brings.

3. Guidelines

Policy standards:

  • We undertake to treat all employees, prospective employees, partners, contractors, consultants and suppliers fairly and equally regardless of and not limited to, their gender, age, culture/ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, disabilities and flexible workplace matters.
  • We commit to valuing diversity by maintaining a safe work environment by taking action against inappropriate workplace behaviour including discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and vilification (1)
  • We commit to promoting a corporate culture that values diversity and tolerates differences by developing and offering work arrangements that help to meet the needs of a diverse work force.
  • We undertake that the recruitment of employees and directors will be made impartially from a diverse field of suitably qualified candidates
  • Our recruitment process will be focused on a criteria designed to ensure that the best people are chosen for the right positions recognising the importance that diverse experience, perspectives and approaches can bring
  • Provide learning and development strategies and opportunities to develop skills and experience of employees for career advancement
  • We commit to establishing measurable objectives for gender diversity
  • We will monitor and review the effectiveness of this policy and associated procedures.

4. Responsibilities

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the diversity measurable objectives.

The Chief Executive Officer has overall responsibility for the application of the policy across the organisation.

Employees are responsible to ensure that they:

  • Comply to the guidelines of this policy
  • Promote the spirit of diversity and equal opportunities
  • Report any questionable business practices that may breach this policy to the General Counsel/Company Secretary, or in his absence the Chief Executive Officer so that an investigation can be conducted as soon as possible.

(1)Refer to Alumina Limited's policies on: Equal Opportunity & Non-discrimination