Alumina Limited

Climate change

Climate change was identified as a material issue for our business and our stakeholders. Alumina is committed to providing meaningful and relevant disclosures of climate-related risks and opportunities for AWAC. We recognise that due to our interest in AWAC, an energy and emissions-intensive business, we have a role to play in seeking to reduce emissions and build resilience to climate change impacts.

In 2018, a review was commenced to identify climate-related risks and opportunities for AWAC/Alumina over the short to long-term. This assessment considered AWAC’s current energy mix, opportunities for transitioning to less emissions-intensive energy use, downstream demand forecasts for aluminium, physical risks to AWAC operations, regulatory and market risks (including carbon and energy prices) and standards for disclosure of climate risks.

We will continue to work with Alcoa (AWAC’s manager/operator) to assess climate change risks and opportunities across AWAC. Alumina Limited seeks to positively influence climate related issues for AWAC through co-operation with Alcoa.

Alumina Limited recognises that the impacts and risks from changing climate patterns is a significant challenge facing society. It represents a challenge to wide-ranging aspects of the natural environment and therefore impacts on physical, social and economic well-being of all people. Worldwide, governments, corporations and individuals are pledging to do their part to limit temperature increase and hopefully contribute to halting and reducing the impact of climate-change.

Alumina Limited has produced a climate-related change position statement that outlines its commitment to assist in the cause of limiting negative impacts of climate change

See Alumina Limited’s Climate Change Net Zero and Position Statement.