Alumina Limited

Policies & standards

Board succession planning

The Company’s policy is that non executive directors will retire after nine years of continuous service, unless otherwise requested to continue by the Board. The Company’s Nomination Committee is responsible for reviewing and implementing succession planning for the Board, to ensure an appropriate mix of skills, experience and expertise.

Each year, as part of the Board and Committee performance evaluation process, the Nomination Committee reviews the size and composition of the Board, whether any changes are required, performance and contribution of individual Directors and the impact of expected changes to the Board. Succession planning and future requirements in respect of the Board structure are part of this annual process. Consistent with the Company's commitment to diversity (Diversity Policy) in the workplace, if changes to the Board are required, Alumina will seek to select from a diverse (not limited by gender, age or ethnicity) range of suitably competent candidates.

The Chairman of the Nomination Committee also reviews, with each Director, the performance of the Chairman of the Board and the subject of succession planning for the position of Chairman.