Alumina Limited

Board & management

The Alumina Limited Board of Directors (the Board) is ultimately responsible for the overall management of Alumina and for formulating and establishing its strategic goals. Its aim is to create value for shareholders through the performance of our interest in the Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals (AWAC) business.

The Board Charter defines the role of the board, its duties and specific responsibilities, responsibilities of the Chairman and the delegation of authorities to board committees and the relationship with management.


Alumina Limited's Board consists of six non-executive directors, including the Chairman, and one executive director (Chief Executive Officer). The non-executive directors, excluding Mr Zeng, are members of the company's Audit Committee.  All non-executive directors are members of the Nominations Committee and Compensation Committee.

Directors are subject to retirement by rotation. Directors may not hold office for a continuous period in excess of three years or past the third annual general meeting following the Director's appointment, whichever is the longer, without submitting for election or re-election.

W Peter Day

Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director

Mike Ferraro

Managing Director

Chen Zeng

Non-Executive Director

Deborah O'Toole

Independent Non‑Executive Director

John A Bevan

Independent Non-Executive Director

Shirley In't Veld

Independent Non-Executive Director


Mike Ferraro

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Foster

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Galina Kraeva

Chief Financial Officer