Alumina Limited

AWAC's global operations

Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals (AWAC) is the world’s leading alumina business operating a global network of bauxite mines and alumina refineries, which hold around 10 per cent of world alumina production capacity.  The vast majority (90 per cent) of this alumina, feeds smelters that produce aluminium used in transport, aerospace, building, construction and packaging.

AWAC is a joint venture between Alumina Limited (40 per cent owned) and Alcoa Corporation (60 per cent owned).  In 2016 AWAC employed 5,146 people worldwide and its operations include five bauxite mines, seven alumina refineries and one aluminium smelter as well as a shipping operation that transports alumina, aluminium and raw materials around the world.   

In 2016 AWAC produced: 

  • 37.5 million metric tons of bauxite from directly owned mines (2015: 38 million) and 5.2 million tonnes from mines (2015: 5.0 million) with an equity interest. Also in 2016, AWAC sold 6.8 million metric tons (2015: 2 million metric tonnes) of bauxite to third parties
  • 12.6 million tonnes of alumina (2015: 15.1) Reduction relates to the closure of the Suralco refinery in Suriname and the full curtailment of the Point Comfort refinery in Texas
  • 154,000 tonnes aluminium (2015: 163,000). Reduction mostly due to a power outage in December 2016.

For more on AWAC’s global operations see the global operations map.