Alumina Limited

About Alumina Limited

Alumina Limited invests in global bauxite mining, alumina refining and selected aluminium operations through our AWAC (Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals) joint venture with Alcoa.

Alumina Limited is a publically listed company, one of Australia’s top 100 Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed companies and is also traded on the OTC Market in the US as an American Depositary Receipt. The Company is focussed on delivering value to shareholders through our strategic participation in AWAC.

Alumina Limited's office's are located on Level 12, IBM Centre, 60 City Road, Southbank (Melbourne) Victoria 3006 Australia. The Company is a non-operating partner in AWAC and has 11 employees.   

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AWAC joint venture

Alumina Limited owns 40 per cent of AWAC, the world’s largest alumina business with approximately 15 per cent of world production capacity.  Our joint venture partner, Alcoa, owns 60 per cent. 

While we have a 40 per cent interest in AWAC, Alcoa is responsible for AWAC’s day-to-day management.  Approximately 5,100 people worldwide are employed in AWAC’s operations which in 2017 included ownership or interest in seven bauxite mines, seven alumina refineries and an aluminium smelter as well as a shipping operation that transports alumina, aluminium and raw materials around the world.  





Our relationship with Alcoa dates back to the late 1950s with the discovery of bauxite in the Darling Range in Western Australia by the then Western Mining Corporation (WMC Limited).  To maximise the combined bauxite and alumina assets, Alcoa and WMC established the AWAC joint venture in 1994.

Alumina Limited was created in 2002 following the demerger of WMC Limited, where the alumina assets were separated from its nickel, copper and fertilizer businesses.

The relationship with Alcoa was transformed in 2016 when Alcoa Inc. separated into two companies, Arconic (downstream assets) and Alcoa Corporation (upstream operations). As a result of the separation of Alcoa Inc., Alumina Limited’s partnership in AWAC transitioned to Alcoa Corporation. The transformation culminated with significant amendments to the joint venture agreements negotiated by Alumina Limited with its then joint venture partner, Alcoa Inc.

Our joint venture with Alcoa has enabled people to invest directly in extensive bauxite deposits and world-class alumina assets, many of which are positioned in the lowest cost quartile.