Alumina Limited


For the purposes of this report Alumina Limited has identified the investment community and government as direct stakeholders ie, they either hold a direct interest in the Company or influence over the operation of AWAC business that is Alumina Limited's principal interest.

Investment community

  • Institutional investors 
  • Retail shareholders 
  • Fund managers and analysts 
  • Ratings agencies
  • Financial markets


  • Various governments in whose jurisdiction AWAC operates.

We recognise that local communities living near the AWAC operations, managed directly by Alcoa, as well as interest groups and not-for-profit organisations may also be interested in this update. 

Engagement with stakeholders

Alumina Limited engages regularly with stakeholders through: 

  • Investment roadshows in Australia and overseas 
  • Meetings with institutional investors 
  • Results presentations  and our Annual General Meeting (available on our website
  • Program of shareholder communication, including opportunities for feedback.  

Through these engagement opportunities, we will seek feedback on the usefulness of this sustainability update and tailor future reporting accordingly.

AWAC can be considered an investor in bauxite and alumina market via AWAC. Alumina Limited's only investment is its 40 interest in AWAC. Alumina Limited's stakeholders are those groups that have a direct relationship with the Company. Stakeholders in the AWAC business are identified by Alcoa, the manager/operator of AWAC.

Frequency of engagement with Stakeholders

Alumina Limited representatives meet regularly with major shareholders and market analysts. Alumina Limited has a two-way communication strategy with its shareholders to interact.

AWAC Stakeholder engagement

In relation to AWAC, Alcoa identified as stakeholders, suppliers, employees; lenders; the people who live in the communities where AWAC operate; the public agencies that regulate the businesses; and the non-governmental organisation (NGOs) that are interested in AWAC's activities. Formalised channels of engagement exist for contracted parties e.g. customers, suppliers, employees, lenders and shareholders. Community Groups and NGOs require a more informal engagement and requires a structured approach, Alcoa have developed a Community Framework that has been adopted at all AWAC locations.

In 2014 they redesigned the framework to accommodate the differing sizes and stakeholder engagement needs of the managed facilities and accurately measure and compare their efforts. Each year, a location completes a dashboard that evaluates its progress on five key engagement levers (public strategy plan, communications, stakeholder engagement, community partnerships and employee engagement), taking into consideration its activities around environment, infrastructure, policy and community relationships.