Alumina Limited

Product contribution & quality

Aluminium is a core component to many global industries and alumina is the feedstock that makes aluminium metal.  

The use of aluminium is so ubiquitous – from the beverage can to the aeroplane’s wing - that it is difficult to calculate the economic contribution it makes worldwide. It is used heavily in large global industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, freight and logistics as well as packaging. 

Its inherent qualities include:  

  • Lightweight, strong, and durable for new applications in transportation that benefit from reduced weight and consequent energy savings during the use phase of the products.
  • Malleable, lightweight, protective, and infinitely recyclable for packaging that can be turned back into identical packaging within a 60- day turnaround cycle.
  • Corrosion-resistant, strong, and flexible for building and construction applications. 
  • Durable and conductive for engineering applications.   

Delivering innovative, sustainable products is critical not only for AWAC’s business success but also for the economic success of aluminium customers. This makes sustainable and innovative product design all the more important.

One of the underlying principles adopted by Alcoa as AWAC’s manager is to “supply and use safe and reliable products and services”. 

In support of this principle and others, Alcoa has a Product Safety and Integrity (PS&I) Standard to identify what is required for product safety management systems. The standard includes requirements for raw material sources, production practices, and assurances that products meet customer and internal specifications. 

Alcoa tests aluminium and end products to verify compliance with regulations and internal standards. They utilize good manufacturing practices to ensure that production, storage, and shipping practices maintain the integrity of our products and protect them from potential contamination. This includes safety and health information on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) beyond what may be required by regulations. 

Data sheets are prepared for a number of AWAC products sold, specifying product information, hazards identification, composition/information on ingredients, handling and first aid measures and details on the products physical and chemical properties and storage measures.