Alumina Limited

Employees & Community

Alumina recognises that genuine community engagement and relationship building is essential to AWAC’s future business success.    

The AWAC joint venture receives its licence to operate as well as its license to grow, from local communities, their representatives and the broader society. 

It is also the source of one of AWAC’s most important stakeholders – its 5,146 employees who run operations worldwide. 

The safety and wellbeing of employees at work is a fundamental human entitlement as is the right to collectively bargain and freely associate.  Alcoa works to strengthen a culture that promotes safety as the priority concern in all work activity and supports employee dignity and labour rights worldwide.    


While Alumina Limited engages with our own communities, particularly investors and financial markets, the main community impact comes through our AWAC operation where it is a neighbour, an economic partner and an employer.   

However, we recognise that not all impacts from AWAC’s activities are positive, which strengthens the importance of sustainability governance.   

In 2016 there were no significant non-compliances or fines on human rights or labour grounds arising from either Alumina Limited’s activities or through AWAC’s worldwide operations.