Alumina Limited

Alumina Limited's results

While this update largely emphasises the sustainability performance of AWAC, we measure and monitor the environmental impact of Alumina Limited’s activities.   

Results and goals 

Key results areas2015201420132012*2011Comparative year 2007
Direct Energy 0 0 0  0 0 0
Indirect Energy (kWh)  20,994 22,697 24,863  27,101 14,883 N/A
Emissions incl. travel (CO2t)


505.22 295 455 320 105
Water consumption (kl)     244 210 743 N/A

*The increase in indirect energy consumption and the decrease in water consumption are the result of revised building data collection provided in 2013 by Building Management. In 2014, building management measurement of electricity and CO2e generated used was improved with accurate readings for Alumina Limited and contributed to the increase.

Alumina Limited’s operations, use electricity (indirect energy) to power its offices at Southbank, Melbourne. No direct energy sources are used.  

Increased travel undertaken by Alumina Limited’s Board and senior management has been the major contributor to higher emission levels over the past three years.  The reasons behind travel include: 

  • Ongoing meetings to facilitate AWAC governance such as participation on the AWAC Strategic Council and Alcoa of Australia Board and AWA Brazil, which deepen operational knowledge and connections with local management.